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Chota ([personal profile] chirpy) wrote in [community profile] pizzatomb2012-01-07 12:22 am

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Perched at the counter of the all new location of the smash hit franchise Pizza Tomb, Chota's curiosity couldn't help but get the better of him. It was a grotesque, fascinating thing, to watch these people - mostly middle-aged parents with kids, family types - gleefully accept this pyramid shaped casket on top of their head, and be put into life (pizza) or death (also pizza) situation.

One man awkwardly tried to suck down a soda from the hole in the bottom, while still eating his way out, as his daughter and son played with their Pizza Tomb fun meal toys (Pizza Pharaoh and Pizza Sacrifice Chamber, respectively).

However, he could not work up the interest to eat it himself. He had a body to take care of, you know! And he treated it like a temple. So he people watched and sucked down his third cup of water, trying to get a feel for the crowd here.

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